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A new tool to measure the photoluminescence of Solar Cells

Quality Control for Producing More Powerful Solar Cells A new tool to measure the photoluminescence of Solar Cells, quickly and with more flexibility than ever before The Technology is available under licence for Free Highly contaminated or defect-rich silicon such as Thin Film or at grain boundaries in multicrystalline silicon, has very short m...
Published: 24/11/2014
Category(s): Photovoltaics
Keywords(s): Cleantech, Easy Access IP, Energy, Manufacturing, Measurement, Photovoltaic, Research Tools, Solar
Inventor(s): Henner Kampwerth

A world-first material to effectively store hydrogen

Safer, Compact Hydrogen Storage Hydrogen has enormous potential as an energy storage medium. This invention provides the key to safer, more compact hydrogen storage. Energy generated from renewable sources, like wind or solar power, is difficult to store and therefore unable to supply demand when weather conditions are unfavourable. A viable ener...
Published: 26/03/2014
Category(s): Renewable Energy & Environment
Keywords(s): Cleantech, Energy, Environment, Manufacturing, Material Science, Mechanical Engineering, Storage
Inventor(s): Kondo-Francois Aguey-Zinsou, Wei Liu

Superior Manufacturing Techniques for Solar Cells

UNSW has boosted the performance of its Laser Doping Selective Emitter (LDSE) solar cell, a ground-breaking technology first developed by UNSW engineers The Technology The LDSE technology utilizes the properties of a laser in the presence of a phosphorus doping source to melt a silicon wafer. This process incorporates phosphorus dopants into ...
Published: 03/03/2013
Category(s): Photovoltaics
Keywords(s): Cleantech, Energy, Photovoltaic, Poly Silicon
Inventor(s): Martin Green, Stuart Wenham

Improved Fuel System for Scramjets

A Fuel System developed to increase the energy density and lower the ionisation threshold for hydrogen and hydrocarbon fuel in high speed air breathing engines such as scramjets. The Technology The development of scramjet technologies has suffered from the need to improve reliability and reduce requirements for ignition speeds and minimum opera...
Published: 02/05/2012
Category(s): Mechanical, Advanced Materials, Miscellaneous, Easy Access IP
Keywords(s): Aeronautical Engineering, Chemical, Chemical Engineering, Defence, Easy Access IP, Energy, Material Science, Petrochemical, Transport
Inventor(s): Stefan Brieschenk, Sean O'byrne
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