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Combined compression and shear testing system (C-CASTS) for determination of intact rock properties for design of inclined pillars in underground mines

Stronger and Safer Support Pillars for Underground Mines The Invention is available under licence for Free This invention is a complete diagnosis and design system for testing the structural integrity of bedrock core samples at specific orientations in underground mines and configuring the strongest and safest design and placement for inclined pil...
Published: 15/02/2015
Category(s): Easy Access IP
Keywords(s): Building & Construction, Civil Engineering, Defence, Easy Access IP, Environment, Mining Engineering, Process Engineering, Safety
Inventor(s): Fidelis Suorineni

A world-first material to effectively store hydrogen

Safer, Compact Hydrogen Storage Hydrogen has enormous potential as an energy storage medium. This invention provides the key to safer, more compact hydrogen storage. Energy generated from renewable sources, like wind or solar power, is difficult to store and therefore unable to supply demand when weather conditions are unfavourable. A viable ener...
Published: 26/03/2014
Category(s): Renewable Energy & Environment
Keywords(s): Cleantech, Energy, Environment, Manufacturing, Material Science, Mechanical Engineering, Storage
Inventor(s): Kondo-Francois Aguey-Zinsou, Wei Liu
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