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A new tool to measure the photoluminescence of Solar Cells

Quality Control for Producing More Powerful Solar Cells A new tool to measure the photoluminescence of Solar Cells, quickly and with more flexibility than ever before The Technology is available under licence for Free Highly contaminated or defect-rich silicon such as Thin Film or at grain boundaries in multicrystalline silicon, has very short m...
Published: 24/11/2014
Category(s): Photovoltaics
Keywords(s): Cleantech, Easy Access IP, Energy, Manufacturing, Measurement, Photovoltaic, Research Tools, Solar
Inventor(s): Henner Kampwerth

Microneedle patch for sampling body fluids

No more needles! A painless patch for blood collection A safer and definitely ‘less scary’ way to obtain blood samples The Invention The result of this discovery would be a ‘patch’ to obtain blood samples instead of a syringe or hypodermic needle. This invention primarily solves a longstanding problem of how to manufac...
Published: 26/10/2014
Category(s): Biomedical Sciences, Diagnostics, Next Generation Materials, Therapeutics
Keywords(s): Biopharmaceutical, Biotech, Chemical Engineering, Chemical Sensor, Diagnostics, Drug Development, Research Tools
Inventor(s): Robert Nordon, Graham Davies, Zahra Faraji Rad, Phillip Prewett, Carl Anthony
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