Microneedle patch for sampling body fluids

No more needles!

A painless patch for blood collection


A safer and definitely ‘less scary’ way to obtain blood samples



The Invention


The result of this discovery would be a ‘patch’ to obtain blood samples instead of a syringe or hypodermic needle.


This invention primarily solves a longstanding problem of how to manufacture a patch that can draw subcutaneous fluid.


Our design introduces a network of open channels on a surface of a patch which can be produced quickly and cheaply by a process known as soft embossing.


Key Benefits


Microneedle technology traditionally focuses on drug delivery.  Our design however, is specifically for collection of subcutaneous fluids.


Soft embossing is a relatively cheap method of manufacture compared to deep reactive ion etching.

Prototype has been developed.


The advantages of the patch over the hypodermic needles are:

- painless blood collection

useful if there is difficult venous access, particularly infants

- does not require a skilled operator

- point of care diagnostic collection of blood

- ideal for children and the elderly


This pain-free invention could revolutionise the way we take blood samples in the near future.


The Opportunity


UNSW is seeking a commercial partner to licence and/or to work collaboratively with the inventor Dr Robert Nordon in the development of this ground-breaking technology.


For more information, please contact Dr Joe Brennan on 0450 469 492


Click here for a PDF print version of this Invention information.


Patent Information:
For Information, Contact:
Joe Brennan
Business Development Manager
NewSouth Innovations Pty Ltd
Reference ID: 14_2909
Robert Nordon
Graham Davies
Zahra Faraji Rad
Phillip Prewett
Carl Anthony
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