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Combined compression and shear testing system (C-CASTS) for determination of intact rock properties for design of inclined pillars in underground mines

Stronger and Safer Support Pillars for Underground Mines The Invention is available under licence for Free This invention is a complete diagnosis and design system for testing the structural integrity of bedrock core samples at specific orientations in underground mines and configuring the strongest and safest design and placement for inclined pil...
Published: 15/02/2015
Category(s): Easy Access IP
Keywords(s): Building & Construction, Civil Engineering, Defence, Easy Access IP, Environment, Mining Engineering, Process Engineering, Safety
Inventor(s): Fidelis Suorineni

Safer Air Travel: Laser Air Speed Sensor

Safer Air TravelLaser Air Speed Sensor A reliable method of measuring airspeed could save the lives of countless people…worldwide! The Technology Pitot Tubes are the current standard for aeroplane air speed sensors. Pitot Tubes depend on equipment that is prone to malfunction due to the need to maintain a clear channel/inlet. Ae...
Published: 12/05/2014
Category(s): Defence and Security
Keywords(s): Aeronautical Engineering, Defence, Electronics, Safety, Transport
Inventor(s): Sean O'byrne, Sven Wittig
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