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A world-first material to effectively store hydrogen

Safer, Compact Hydrogen Storage Hydrogen has enormous potential as an energy storage medium. This invention provides the key to safer, more compact hydrogen storage. Energy generated from renewable sources, like wind or solar power, is difficult to store and therefore unable to supply demand when weather conditions are unfavourable. A viable energy...
Published: 26/03/2014
Category(s): Renewable Energy & Environment
Keywords(s): Cleantech, Energy, Environment, Manufacturing, Material Science, Mechanical Engineering, Storage
Inventor(s): Kondo-Francois Aguey-Zinsou, Wei Liu

Solving Global Water Shortages

Lowering the Cost of Desalination One third of the world’s population lacks sufficient water. The World Health Organisation predicts that by 2050 over two thirds of the world’s population will face severe water shortages. The effects of water shortage are well documented: food shortage, poor health, hunger and disease. The Technology UNSW...
Published: 16/03/2014
Category(s): Renewable Energy & Environment, Miscellaneous, Next Generation Materials
Keywords(s): Agribusiness, Agriculture, Aquaculture, Chemical, Chemical Engineering, Cleantech, Defence
Inventor(s): Richard Pashley, Ganga Chandrasekara

Advanced Formation of Solar Cell Device Structures

UNSW Engineers have developed manufacturing techniques that control the type and concentration of impurities up to 20 microns from the surface of silicon wafers. Controlling the impurities allows desirable structures to be formed, which enhance the performance and durability of photovoltaic devices. The Deep Junction Technology overcomes limitations...
Published: 22/07/2013
Category(s): Photovoltaics, Renewable Energy & Environment
Inventor(s): Brett Hallam, Catherine Chan, Stuart Wenham, Adeline Sugianto, Pei Hsuan (doris) Lu, Valantis Vais
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