A Motion sensitive video transformation. Compresses video data once, Enabling use in many ways.

A method of compressing scalable video, based on motion compensated lifting. This allows FPS, bit depth and resolution selection, suitable for systems where the bandwidth is not guaranteed


The Technology

The invention is an improved scalable video coding method, incorporating a prediction and refinement step in the construction of motion data. The spatio-temporal transform developed by UNSW to encode this motion information produces aesthetically pleasing results when the video is decoded at lower frame rates. This makes the coding method suitable for systems (such as network and internet connections) where the bandwidth of the transmission channel cannot be guaranteed.

Independent research has found this approach to be superior to traditional compression techniques for video and higher dimensional media. The coding method also allows for decoding at lower bit depths and resolutions than were originally used to encode the source video.

Key Benefits

  • Generates a single compressed bit stream containing embedded subsets corresponding to progressively higher frame rates, resolutions and quality
  • Allows decoders to operate at virtually any reduced bit-rate, resolutions and/or frame rates from those at which the original content was compressed,
  • Compressed content can be partially archived or transmitted and later augmented with additional details. This allows more efficient use of bandwidth while preserving image quality
  • Provides all the standard facilities for scalable video as well.


  • Web browser integration
  • Streaming video applications
  • Medical imaging techniques
  • Teleconferencing
  • Security and surveillance
  • Digital television broadcasting

The Opportunity

NewSouth Innovations is currently looking for partners to licence the technologies developed by Prof David Taubman, the inventor of the successful Kakadu Software JPEG2000 compression SDK. Due to the similarities across the portfolio these technologies are available as a group or individually for use in potential licensee’s commercial products.

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