Novel antibiofilm controlled NO release polymers

Antifouling Polymers

Say NO to Biofilms!

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The Technology is available under licence for Free 


Bacterial Biofilms are a cause of industrial fouling, corrosion and infection.  When formed on medical equipment such as catheters and implantable devices, biofilms can cause severe illness such as septicaemia.


Biofilms are stubborn and difficult to remove as the bacteria are impervious to antimicrobial agents and industrial cleaning process.


UNSW researchers have demonstrated that nitric oxide (NO) plays a key role in the dispersal of biofilms and have developed unique nitric oxide releasing polymers. These polymers can supply a sustained release of NO which has been demonstrated to prevent cell attachment and  biofilm formation overtime with repeated exposure to bacteria which favour forming biofilms.


Key Benefits

·         Fouling resistant polymer

·         Unique mechanism of action

·         Non-toxic mechanism of action



·         Antibacterial Surfaces

·         Biofouling Control

·         Antifouling Coatings

·         Membrane Materials


The Opportunity

This technology is available for free as an Easy Access Licence to companies and individuals. 


For more information contact:

Dr Tim Boyle

Business Development Manager

NewSouth Innovations

Ref  13_2879

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