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High Entropy Brasses and Bronzes - Tougher Bearings, Bushes and Gear Motors

Tougher Bearings, Bushes and Gear Motors Wear-Resistant brass alloys for high demand applicationsSuper strength brass alloys which retain good machining and formability and have superior physical and mechanical properties The Technology is available under licence for freeWithout doubt, brasses and bronzes are the most widely utilised family of ma...
Published: 16/12/2014
Category(s): Mechanical, Medical Devices - Instrumentation, Easy Access IP
Keywords(s): Easy Access IP, Medical/Clinical
Inventor(s): Kevin Laws, Lori Bassman, Cody Crosby, Aarthi Sridhar, Patrick Conway, Michael Ferry, Warren Mckenzie

Novel antibiofilm controlled NO release polymers

Antifouling Polymers Say NO to Biofilms! Please Click HERE to download a print friendly PDF of this opportunity. The Technology is available under licence for Free Bacterial Biofilms are a cause of industrial fouling, corrosion and infection. When formed on medical equipment such as catheters and implantable devices, biofilms can cause severe i...
Published: 26/06/2014
Category(s): Biomedical Sciences, Easy Access IP, Medical Devices - Instrumentation, Next Generation Materials, Therapeutics
Inventor(s): Nicolas Barraud, Cyrille Boyer, Hien Thi Thu Duong

Longer Lasting Batteries for Medical Implants

Current Recycling in Multiple Linear Regulating Power Supplies The Technology Neurostimulation in implanted medical devices requires a high voltage at the implanted electrodes. A new current recycling technology developed at the UNSW for multiple linear regulating power supplies reduces power losses associated with generating internal low-volt...
Published: 14/12/2010
Category(s): Electronics, Medical Devices - Instrumentation, ICT, Robotics and Devices
Inventor(s): Torsten Lehmann, Yuanyuan Yang
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