Protection for scalable data transmissions over lossy networks

A system for optimising the transmission efficiency and reliability of scalable data sent over unreliable packet networks.


The Technology

With the ever increasing complexity of information and compression techniques the incomplete transmission of important data is a concern. UNSW has developed a system to protect scalable data transmitted through unreliable or interrupted networks by reserving slots for retransmission of data.

The system uses two reserved transmission slots to securely transmit a given unit of data without risk of loss. The transmitter can determine the success rate of an initial transmission via feedback from the receiver and re-send the data in the second slot if required potentially using more robust encoding or transmitting only a needed subset of the data. This technique both preserves bandwidth while ensuring all the information is transmitted successfully.


Key Benefits

  • Provides a reliable method for sending real-time data (such as video) over lossy channels, where limitations on bandwidth preclude traditional high-redundancy systems.
  • Uses two reserved data slots and simple channel condition information to adapt usage of the second slot.
  • Predictive algorithms estimate future behaviour and control the transmission



  • Video streaming and content delivery companies and services
  • Network and communication companies (telecoms, Mobile especially)
  • Security and military deployable networks.

The Opportunity

NewSouth Innovations is currently looking for partners to licence the technologies developed by Prof David Taubman, the inventor of the successful Kakadu Software JPEG2000 compression SDK. Due to the similarities across the portfolio these technologies are available as a group or individually for use in potential licensee’s commercial products.


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