Detect network security breaches using new plug in hardware


 Detect network security breaches using new plug in hardware

A plug in box that can be used to ensure a network is secure and identify and/or protect against attacks in real time.

The Technology
Detecting network security attacks in real time is extremely difficult and no simple task especially with today’s high volume of data. A UNSW developed technology however could make this as simple as plugging a box onto the network. 

The System uses a neural network on readily available FPGA hardware to unobtrusively provide network intrusion detection. By analysing captured packets a system is trained to recognise the abnormal patterns which signal an attack.


If a signal is detected an alert can be raised or data flow blocked to secure the network and notify of a breach in real time. Ongoing training of the system ensures future protection against new threats.


Key Benefits

·         Simplicity of the system as a single hardware device.

·         Real-time identification and response to attacks as they happen.

·         Self-training with the potential benefit of learning from data collected from many systems.

           This self-learning may then be packaged to train other units

·         Relies simply on identifying patterns not known and understood threats and can adapt to new threats.



·         Network security device/service for servers and major installations.

·         Consumer security devices for use on home networks.

·         Communication between secure sites such as in defence.

·         Portable security devices for easy installation on any network.

·         Detection of suspect signals.


Please follow this link to download a PDF version including contact details for more information.

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