A New Weapon to Control Bacterial Biofilms

Smart Chemistry to Disperse Biofilms that form in Industrial and Medical Environments

The Technology is available under licence for FREE

Biofilms are associated with a number of diseases and chronic infections, including cystic fibrosis and chronic wounds. Biofilms also form on medical equipment, catheters as well as cause industrial fouling and corrosion.

Biofilm infections are problematic as the bacteria cannot be treated with existing antimicrobial agents. UNSW researchers have demonstrated that nitric oxide plays a key role in the dispersal of biofilms and have developed unique nitric oxide releasing compounds based on quorum sensing initiators and inhibitors as antimicrobial and antifouling agents.


  • Antimicrobial therapeutics
  • Antifouling agents
  • Biofilm prevention coating
  • Wound dressing

Key Benefits

  • Effective biofilm dispersal
  • Novel nitric oxide releasing agents
  • Dual quorum sensing action

The Opportunity 

This technology is available for free as an Easy Access Licence to companies and individuals. 

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